Editing with Blood, Sweat and Jack Hammer!

I’m a hoarder. I put as many unnecessary words in my sentences that I can shove in with a comma. And, that’s not good. My finished Young Adult manuscript is now going through a traumatic edit. Complete with tape measure, chisel and jack-Hammer. Oh My! I cry, I cry. A bright orange hard hat sits slanted, yet ruggedly commanding upon my head. (I know, a hard hat can not be commanding but I believe I mentioned that I write fiction, yes?)

Last weekend, the Utah Chapter of RWA had a wonderful workshop with the Grammar Divas. They taught us everything from proper sentence etiquette to avoiding grammar checkers and editing software.

They went over everything that I thought I had learned in school and realized that I had let slip through my memories. (I’m old and was probably just clearing space). Nouns, verbs, pronouns and the ever exciting presence of the dangling modifier. What works and what causes the rapping across the fingers with a yard stick.

One of the Grammar Divas examples that I’m still chuckling over is, “Rushing to catch the bus, Sage’s Blackberry fell out of her briefcase.” How did the Blackberry catch the bus? Ah, if only I could remember how many times I’ve written a sentence exactly like this and actually went out of my way to explain it. *Please refer to fourth sentence of blog. I’m still in the wonderful learning curve of removing “to be” from all my sentences.

Lisa, me and the Grammar Divas, Darlene Buchholz and Annie Oortman


If you get a chance to experience the Grammar Divas Workshop, do. It is Great.

According to the Divas, “Friends don’t let friends use bad grammar.”

I leave you now as I return to complete the ‘workbook’ that followed the information they gave us. Remember, always check every darkened corner, they may be a story lurking there.


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