WHO ARE YOU? Our young ladies aren’t on this earth for perverts to drug and solicit!

Tiny kitty, Itty bitty kitty, welcome to our world. Cute kitty, sweet kitty, be glad you weren’t born a real girl.

Now, let me say, “I’m sorry.”

Scott and I watched a horrible show last night. Not a fiction but a real reality check a;; America show. Our girls, young girls around the ages of 12 through sixteen are being kidnapped, drugged and solicited for sex. WHO IN THE HELL THINKS THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO THIS?

I’ve decided that every one of  our young girls should carry around (legally) two items. One, a pair of good heavy-duty vice grips for the balls on any one that touches them inappropriately and Two, a knife. Once the balls fall off, lob that brain from the stem. OOps, sorry, Penis – it’s the thing that these idiots think with. Women use the brain above their shoulders, men have theirs dangling between their legs and are always thinking with it.

When I was a young girl in the mid-west, we weren’t allowed to walk around after dark. We had a nine o’clock curfew because of the gangs. I listen to the stories where people say they could walk around at night without a worry. That just show us that some people ready do have the thought that “it could never happen to me,” mentality. Wrong. It can. Unfortunately, it’s not the adults that suffer, it’s the child whose life is destroyed.  This ‘free’ world we live in comes at a high price. It’s free for the criminals, for the perverts,and  for the gangs. It’s a constant battle for the innocent.

Ask yourself one question…”Who’s behind you?” Then look again, it some ass wipe who want’s these girls to call him ‘daddy?’ EDUCATE – never walk alone and if the direction looks suspicious, run!

People, please…Don’t let your child be a victim. Maybe it won’t happen to you, but it will to your daughter.

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