A Moment In My World For Dummies

This is my life. WordPress for Dummies.

Today, I decided, ‘OKAY’, since the upcoming blog site “PlotMamas” will be done on wordpress, and since I’ve never done wordpress, I figure, why not do my own blog site and learn by doing. So, I purchased the required reading and have been reading the required reading and now, this old dog, is learnin’ a new trick. That’s Right! GrandMama of PlotMamas is putting on a whole new show. And now, for my second lesson,  I will set up my front page with all the who, why, what and causes that I want to. Thanks for droppin’ by.

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4 Responses to A Moment In My World For Dummies

  1. Amber Scott Project says:

    Woo Hoo, Doree! I bet you’ll pick it up and be teaching all of us in no time!

  2. Baby steps, my friend. 🙂 But hopefully by the time I have page one done, I’ll be good.

  3. Tiffinie says:

    Hi Doree,

    I want to be your student. Great job.

  4. Stanalei says:

    Looking good, Doree, my friend. Looking good.

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