About the Author

Doree L. Anderson

Do you remember your first crush, the first time a boy held your hand, your first kiss? I try and capture those tender memories in my Middle Grade and Teen books along with a few interesting misfits who believe they are of this realm.

I was bottom slapped in Indiana (never lived there) and wore those stylish diapers  in Chicago, Illinois. Spoiler alert, the next few items, I don’t remember, but… I learned to walk and wear big girl panties in California. Then it was tennis shoes and tomboy. I wouldn’t stay in one place for a minute without fidgeting. True story. The mother figure even timed me. My punishments were life threatening, a nightmare, if you would, when she said I had to sit on the couch for an hour. Seriously! Then it became heals and hell living with an older sister. Somebody lit a fuse when she became a teenager. (Frightening all though she denies it) Might I offer a quick example? In Raytown, Missouri, my sister made me use the window to get in and out of my bedroom so I wouldn’t mess up her side of the room. Bearing in mind that it does snow and get very cold in Missouri. Ah, happiness!

For the most part, my childhood was in Missouri. I moved to Utah during high school (I stopped for my sophomore year in Dickenson, North Dakota – loved it). After school I met and married while remaining in Salt Lake City. My area code to this date, remains the same. Amazing, right? I know! It’s still the same one.

During my childhood in Missouri, I became rather enamored with a gentleman writer named Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain) and enjoyed trips to the town of Hannibal, where his Tom Sawyer adventures were born. A lot of my writing will reflect areas of my own adventures in and around the Lake of the Ozarks. Memories of weekends exploring the many coves and caves that sprout up throughout southern Missouri will peek between my pages.

At the age of fifty-one, I received the most gracious gift from my husband; the opportunity to write full-time with his open and honest support. What a valued treasure this is because of the financial burden alone. My personal life is filled by my husband of 35 years, My beautiful daughter, Jodie and four exceptional grand-children; Kelsey, Callum, Taeg and Nodin, who’s personalities peek through on several pages in my books.

I hope you enjoy my webpage and look forward to meeting you.